Motherhood as a Single Parent 

Being a parent is by far the hardest job one can have & being a single parent is probably even tougher. I experienced it for several years with my oldest son but his dad was always active in his life. He was 2 yrs old when we broke up. The hardest part for me was knowing that my son would never know what it’s like to live with both parents. Growing up, I was blessed to live under the same roof as my mom & dad. So, it was heartbreaking to think that he would never get to experience it. Thankfully, God allowed us to have a second chance. He restored my family & it was only by His grace.

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🌿 My breastfeeding experience #FedIsBest 💙🍼


#Repost from IG – 🌿 Y E S T E R D A Y #latepost & lengthy too 😉 – A week ago my entire life changed. I am now a mother of two precious little boys 👦👶. This past week has been filled with all kinds of emotions. Though I am now completely filled with joy, I can’t say the same was true for the last several days. I found myself falling into what felt like a deep depression.

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