2023: Embrace + Nurture + Rest // Prioritizing God & Me

2022 was a year of prioritizing my relationship with God & with myself. He taught me how to trust Him, rely on Him & be still & let Him work. I revisited old wounds with new eyes. While God revealed Himself to me He also unveiled me to me. I learned the importance of CHOOSING to TRUST & BELIEVE God in the process. A season of incubation, refinement & what felt to be like MANY other things while anchoring myself in Psalms 32:8-9 (TPT) & Isaiah 43:2 (NLT).

I have decided to make my prior videos public again because it’s part of my journey. I will be sharing a little bit of everything & though I will be documenting with the intent of a greater purpose in mind (that I will soon be sharing) there will be other videos I will choose to upload but keep private because it’s my business (in Tabitha’s voice 😋).

I disabled the comments for reasons I will also be sharing soon.

My journey is my own. This is the journey within. 🌱🌻

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