Redeeming Love (based on the life of Hosea & Gomer)

In 2016, I read the book of Hosea for the first time and I was instantly captivated by the redeeming love of God illustrated in this short book. I have gone back time and time again to study this book in depth and everytime I do, I gain new insight and a fresh revelation each time. I love studying the life of the characters in the Bible. The Old Testament holds a special place in my heart. It’s why I also love and have such an appreciation for the New Testament.

History was my favorite subject in school. The history of someone’s life is fascinating to me because it helps me understand where they come from, what they’ve experienced, and how those experiences have shaped them on their journey of life. I believe we’re all teachers and students of one another. In learning someone’s history, I gain perspective, I’m less critical/judgmental and I am much more compassionate towards others. I have also learned to have compassion even when I don’t know someone’s story because we all have one.

This book of Hosea is a love story – real, tragic, and true.

Hosea served as a prophet to Israel (the northern kingdom) also known as God’s mouthpiece. Someone who had an intimate relationship with God and who surrendered his life to God no matter the cost. His name also means salvation.

Gomer was a girl with a reputation. She is referred to as a promiscuous woman, prostitute, adulterer, lover of false gods, and Hosea’s unfaithful/wayward wife.

Israel, like Gomer, was adulterous and unfaithful, rejecting God’s love and turning instead to false gods. Then after warning of judgement, God reaffirmed his love and offered reconciliation. His love and mercy were overflowing, but Justice would be served.

Hosea was commanded/instructed by God to marry Gomer who would be unfaithful to him and would cause him many heartaches. Just as Gomer lost interest in Hosea and ran after other lovers, we, too, can easily lose appreciation for our special relationship with God and pursue dreams and goals that do not include Him. When we compromise our relationship with God and adopt the ways of the world, we are being unfaithful. God wanted the people in the northern kingdom to turn from their sin and return to worshiping Him alone, but they persisted in their wickedness. Throughout the book, Israel is described as ignorant of God, with no desire to please Him. Israel didn’t understand God at all, just as Gomer didn’t understand Hosea. Like a loving husband, or patient father, God wants people to know Him and to turn to Him daily. (Excerpt from the Life Application Study Bible NLT)

He wants us to know that there’s absolutely nothing that could ever separate us from His love and that He would go to the darkest of alleys to reach us and bring us back to His loving arms. There’s no amount of darkness in our lives that could ever stop God from pursuing us. His love is relentless. His love is redeeming. He’s a God of restoration and reconciliation. We will inevitably face the consequences of our sins but we won’t have to face them alone. We can welcome God on this life journey and get in alignment with Him as He heals, redeems, and restores us back to Him.

I’m sooooo excited to share that Redeeming Love is finally out in theaters.

After years of being in different types of relationships and situationships from the age of 16, I found myself as a single mom for almost 2 yrs and I was challenged and stretched intensely as I allowed God to deal with me in the areas I had resisted for so long. In that season, I began to take myself out on dates to dinner, movies, shopping and etc. A season I will forever be grateful for. Now that I’m married and a mother of two, it’s not as easy for me to have some alone time but it’s so necessary to make time for myself and it can look differently every time but this morning I made the decision to be intentional in purchasing my ticket for Sunday afternoon. I encourage you to do the same according to your availability. I also encourage you to read the book of Hosea before and after you watch it. It’s only 14 chapters and I know without a shadow of a doubt that it will bless you as it does me every time.




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