Embracing You 🌱 Day 21

Let’s just go ahead and be what we were made to be, without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves with each other, or trying to be something we aren’t. – Romans 12:6-7

In a world filled with protocol, a never-ending list of dos and don’ts, and the pressure to be perfect, it can seen impossible to discover who you really are and what you’re here to be and do. I’ve always loved how the Scripture above gives us a direct glimpse into God’s game plan: be what you were made to be. This is at the heart of divine reinventioncoming into alignment with our true assignment. The way God uniquely made you is a clue as to what He wants you to do. Nothing about you is a mistake. This verse is also a reminder of the permission you’ve already received to be uniquely you as a daughter of the Most High. Plus, God won’t bless who you pretend to be. So let’s stop conforming, shrinking, dimming your light, and running from who and what you were always meant to be, say, create, and do. We’re waiting on you … the real you. And that’s the version of you heaven needs too.

How have you been chipping away at who you are by trying to be what everyone else needs? What is God now showing you about yourself that needs to come out of hiding?

Lord, help me to trust the unique way You’ve formed and fashioned my personality, my thoughts, my perspective, my voice, and abilities. I release any thoughts of inferiority and embrace how You’ve designed me beautifully and strategically. AMEN. 

100 Days of Believing Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels

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