Knowing God Hears You 🌱 Day 9

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. – 1 John 5:14

Faith is having a steadfast belief in something (or someone) without having proof. It’s hopeful, optimistic, and looks toward the future with possibility and expectancy. Trust is similar, but it is more about actively relying upon someone’s character and consistency. When we operate within trust, we’re able to take action based on that person’s integrity and reliability. For that reason, trust is harder than faith. We can believe that God is capable of all things, but it’s another thing to fully entrust God with every area of our lives. By entrust, I mean to act as if God has already worked things out versus questioning whether He’ll come through. So the question becomes, do you have faith in our God being capable and able but struggle to trust whether God is willing and ready? If so, you’re not alone! Each day, God is seeking to strengthen our entire belief system and teaching us to align with His heart. That doesn’t mean that God will necessarily answer in the ways that we want. That’s neither faith nor trust. However, as the verse above reminds us, when we come to God in a posture of surrender, we can trust that He is listening and hears every single word. 

How much peace does it give you to know that God actually hears you?

Lord, I am humbled and encouraged that you are wholeheartedly interested in every facet of my life. Thank You for hearing me. Keep me in alignment with Your Holy Spirit. AMEN. 

100 Days of Believing Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels

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