Secret Things 🌱 Day 8

There is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries. – Daniel 2:28

Secret things. Revealing ’em is the specifically of the Holy Spirit. It’s a whisper filled with wisdom. It often feels untimely and inconvenient, but that’s how heaven works. And it’s how God’s promises come to fruition. You see, a major life shift often happens with a gentle nudge. We can miss it when we’re operating from a place of fatigue, worry, or doubt. However, trust changes what we see and how we hear. It takes open eyes to see and ready ears to hear a destiny tug, inviting us into the very thing we’ve been praying for. Listening for those divine tugs and recognizing that they are not just coincidences will be your secret weapon when it comes to entering the next level of what God has for you. It’s those whispers that accelerate His vision and propel you into your promised land. And it’s those whispers from God that reveal God’s unique path and unconventional plan for your life. We cannot seize what we don’t believe. Trusting God is the key to perceiving what God is doing.

What whispers from God have you been doubting, overanalyzing, second-guessing or flat-out ignoring?

Lord, You are always speaking, leading, and guiding. Thank You for removing the mental clutter that blocks me from trusting Your whisper. May I trust You in the midst of uncertainty and also appreciate the beauty of Your mystery. AMEN.

100 Days of Believing Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels



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