Can I be transparent? πŸ™„πŸ’­

Have you ever felt like you would give anything to get away, far away, just you and God? Away from distractions? Away from responsibilities? Away from people? Away from your own thoughts and emotions?

Yupp!! That’s what I’m experiencing right now. But yet I am alone in my car and instead of taking this time to spend with God, I’m here blogging instead. It’s foolish of me to continue typing because minutes before I pulled my phone back out to type all of this I was just saying outloud, “I want more of You, God. I just want more of You.”

But then minutes before that I was looking through my contacts checking to see who I can call to speak to or to text before tossing my phone into my bag. Are you kidding me?!? I wanna smack myself for this foolishness.

Do you see what I mean though when I say I’ve been on this emotional roller coaster that just keeps going up and down?!?!

Oftentimes we want to hear from God or we want more of Him but we allow anything and everything else to take His place. Many of us desire companionship and/or encouragement but yet the best companion and guidance available to us at all times is the Holy Spirit and His Word but yet we take it for granted.

I’ve been on this emotional rollercoaster and as much as I want to come off of it, I seem to stay stuck in it. The feeling SUCKS!!! I know this too shall pass and I know God is faithful but I also must do my part and draw near to Him and allow Him to sit back on the throne of my heart where He belongs.

Clearly, there is nothing and no one that could ever fill us up like He can and I pray that we would finally get a grip on this truth and truly submit and surrender to God wholeheartedly and shut down whatever schemes, plans and tactics the enemy is trying to rise up in our mind, heart and spirit! May we be filled with an overflow of His love, His joy and His peace.

– ✌🏼 & πŸ’•

2 thoughts on “Can I be transparent? πŸ™„πŸ’­

  1. I was just going through this for almost a whole year , I felt so stuck . Up and down emotions and I couldn’t take it !! I cried almost every other day and I was so frustrated . What I can tell you tho is that God is faithful and anytime we start experiencing pain I know God is about to do a new thing ! I kept talking to God , angry and frustrated and he finally answered! He’s showing you something in this , just wait . We live in a world full of distractions and he knows that. Don’t beat yourself up , just keep pressing in! God bless you β™₯️


    • Hi love. Thank you SO much!! Your words definitely speak a lot of truth. I’m extremely hard on myself and I’m always in my head about everything meanwhile I’m sure God is just looking at me like, “Come on, Jen. You got Me. So, you got this!” – I find to be much more gracious to others than I am to myself. However, I have to be real. I recognize my short comings and what I must do in order to guard my mind and heart from believing the lies that I constantly feed into – turn to Him in prayer and medidate on His Word and lately I haven’t been on a consistent basis but I know His grace is sufficient and He WILL use even this moment for my good and for His glory. Thanks a bunch my love for your words and blessings! I’m grateful to God that God answered and pulled you through it as I believe He will do the same with me. God bless! πŸ’•

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