Never Give Up!! 🤜🏼🤛🏼

You know that idea, business, non-profit organization, project, book, song, YouTube channel, blog, & etc. you’ve wanted to start for a while now?!? Well, I’m here to tell you that your time is NEAR!

Maybe life happened & it got in the way of things. That’s ok. It happens to all of us.

Don’t you DARE give up hope.

Don’t you DARE allow anyone’s lack of faith in you discourage you from going after your dream.

Don’t you DARE get discouraged only because you can’t see how it will happen. Place your trust in God & get ready to see how He’ll begin to orchestrate things in your favor.

Don’t you dare allow fear to hold you back from pursuing the vision God has deposited in you.

Maybe it’s that home you’ve been saving up for. Don’t stop. Keep saving.

Maybe it’s that relationship you’ve desired but you’re about to settle for less than God’s best because you’re running out of patience. Don’t settle!! Place your heart in the hands of God & watch Him place your heart in the hands that deserves you most.

Who cares what others might think or say about you?! You might not be qualified for everyone & that’s ok but you have been CHOSEN by God and UNIQUELY QUALIFIED for others.

Maybe you’ve been turned down a few times. Keep going!!

Listen, I don’t know who this is for but this is something God placed strongly in my spirit to share with you because you can’t afford to give up. You’ve come too far to sell yourself short. You got this. God got you!!!

🤜🏼🤛🏼 #FromMyHeartToYours

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