Your life isn’t over just because a relationship is.

Old facebook status from April 28, 2016 –

I remember being in a relationship that I knew God wanted me out of but no matter how many times I attempted to let go, I found my way back & it made it that much harder for me until I was left to pick up all the pieces of my broken heart.

I had no one else to blame but me but when I surrendered my whole heart to Jesus (truly surrendered my whole heart) things began to change. I give God all of the glory. However, I will admit that I was scared & it wasn’t easy at first because I truly thought I had my life all figured out & at that point I felt lost & confused. But I’m grateful to God that He wrecked my plans before my plans wrecked me. I like to believe that a rejection is God’s protection. He has used my past & made it all work together for my good & for His glory. If He did it for me, He can do it for you.

Sometimes we ask God to show us a sign & when He does, we ignore it or try to make a deal with Him. I believe we try to find answers that won’t be uncomfortable. We wait for an easier way but we stay miserable inside. What is God telling you to do? Be honest with yourself right now. If God was standing in front of you right now, what do you believe He would instruct you to do in your situation? Don’t go another day, month, or year struggling. Obey God’s instructions.

Let me just say – Transparency is key. 💡 I’m not here to judge you in any way as I was once in your shoes. This post is to encourage whoever may be feeling God tugging on their heart. Remember, partial obedience is still disobedience. Delayed obedience is still disobedience. Do what God is telling you to do knowing ahead of time that it’s always for your benefit. God is not trying to hurt you. He’s trying to help you. He sees what you don’t see. You will never regret obeying God. Never.

Your life isn’t over because a relationship is.

God wants you to let go of the past & trust Him with your future. Wait on Him. There’s no greater love than the love Jesus displayed on the cross. I’m praying for you. #FromMyHeartToYours

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