“Sound The Alarm” πŸ“£ – A.Life Retreat

I’m grateful that God has allowed me to attend this retreat (first retreat ever) & I’m looking forward to an awesome experience. Not only have I been praying for an open heart & mind in order to RECEIVE all that God has in store for us but that I also APPLY it to my life.

This will be the first time being away from my husband & children. We’re currently on the road heading to PA and will be returning on Sunday. I’m grateful to have an amazing husband who is supportive & who understands the journey God has me on. I’m also grateful to have my parents who are just as supportive & who are there to help us out with the kids.

Not only do I get the privilege to attend this retreat with an amazing group (200+) of men/women after God’s own heart & love for Jesus but I get to share this experience with my sister who was just recently baptized & has given her heart to Jesus whole heartedly.

God has been so faithful & He never ceases to blow my mind. God has been on a roll & I’m just taking it all in.

Worship this evening was beautiful & the message Pastor Searight shared with us tonight was absolutely edifying. I know this is only the beginning & I can’t wait to see what the next several days will be like.

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