FAITH over fear ⚓

“Oceans” is a very popular worship song. I remember one night kneeling by my bed crying out to God as I repeated the words to this song. I didn’t realize how quickly He would answer my request. I’d be lying if I told you it was a smooth sailing experience after that night. It wasn’t. But that night was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

For the past week, I’ve been asking God to take me deeper in my walk with Him as I did a few yrs ago. To strenghten me where I am weak. To lead me where He desires for me to go. Three of the things I’ve been consistently asking God for lately is to allow me to remain humble, to make me bold and fearless. I’m very mindful of the things I ask God for because when our prayers align with His will, He plays no games. Fear has been trying its hardest to creep up on me in every which way but I know that the amount of faith that is required of me is the size of a mustard seed and that is more than enough to cause fear to flee.

The plans that God has for us is so much bigger than ourselves which is why we cannot allow fear to get the best of us nor should we allow fear to cause us to doubt our calling, our purpose and our future – most importantly the power of God!

Let’s remain humble.

Let’s be bold.

Let’s be fearless.

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