Do What You Do πŸŒ»

Maybe you love to meal prep/work out.

Maybe you love to dance or sing.

Maybe you love make up.

Maybe you love fashion.

Maybe you love to travel.

Maybe you love being a vegan.

Maybe you love Jesus.

Maybe you love to encourage and empower.

Maybe you love to write.

Maybe you love (fill in the blank).

Do what YOU DO!!

Some of us love what we love and want to share it with the world. Others might prefer to keep it to themselves.

And that’s OK.

But if you want to share it – don’t you EVER allow the opinions of others stop you.

As we all know – social media has taken over and it’s a platform that we get to have if we choose. We can choose to do as we please with it. Some abuse this privilege to cause harm to others or simply showcase a lot of negativity but many people take full advantage of it and use this platform for the greater good.

We also have the choice to follow or not follow. We all have likes and dislikes. Can I be honest? Of course, I can. It’s MY blog.

There had been times when I found myself judging someone’s post. I’d say or think to myself, “Here he/she goes again”.

Look, I have no problem keeping it real. The truth shall set you free.

I had to look within & figure out why it bothered me. And you know what I learned? Subconsciously, I was envious of their courage, determination & consistency. #HaterOnTheLow

Maybe you have a vision, a dream or a goal but you’re too afraid of “failure” or what others might think of you. Maybe you have a passion for something & want to share it with those around you.

Sometimes the thought of “failure” or being criticized is what keeps us from walking in our purpose.

We have no idea what a blessing we can be in someone’s life by having the courage, determination & consistency to do what we’ve been called to do. Granted, we will never be able to satisfy everyone. Someone will always have something to say. I’ve had many people tell me, “Girl, you write too much. Your captions are super long. I ain’t got time to be reading all that.”

I’ll be honest, it’s discouraging sometimes but I have to remind myself that God has given me a gift. A gift that was meant to be shared. Many will not understand this gift & that’s ok. It’s not my responsibility to help them understand. And it’s not yours either.

God has given you a gift & your responsibility is to DO WHAT YOU DO & allow God to do the rest.

6 thoughts on “Do What You Do πŸŒ»

  1. Amen!!! I Love this and I Love your courage. I’ve also been told I write to much and I’ve actually been told God dose not belong on FB! But i know those comments come from some insecurity within themselves. Thank you for posting this and for your openness and courage!

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  2. Absolute soul food for me this morning. Please, continue to use your gift to inspire others. I love you for your honesty and love for our Lord, Jesus Christ. God bless you always and keep up the AMAZING work! YOU DO YOU! XO

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