How to Deal with Negative People 🚫👎

“Shout out to everyone transcending a mindset, mentality, desire, belief, emotion, habit, behavior, or vibration, that no longer serves them” – Lalah Delia 

Shout-out, boo! Yes, YOU! If you are one of these people, I’m here to congratulate you. 🎊🎉

When I came across this quote, I instantly became hyped. It’s a powerful thing when you get to a place where you recognize the things that no longer serve you. Not only do you recognize it, you do what’s necessary to rise above those things or people that no longer serve you as an individual. You begin to take the time to invest in YOU! Before you know it, you’re no longer the person you used to be. You’re a better version of yourself.

Oscar Wilde once said, “With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.” 

Ain’t that the truth!!

The major stages of the human life cycle include infancy, the toddler years, puberty, older adolescence, teenage years, adulthood, middle age & the senior year. In every stage, not only are we changing externally but hopefully internally as well (mentally, emotionally, & many even spiritually, etc.). Many of us have been through our share of experiences that have molded us in a sense.

I believe we’re not meant to stay the same, day in & day out.

I know people who have been a certain way all of their lives and they find nothing wrong with their behavior, mindset and so on. They are quick to point out other people’s flaws but will never ADMIT their own. Some go as far as never RECOGNIZING their negative flaws. Now, that’s scary. It’s one thing to recognize and not admit to it but it’s a whole different story when you can’t even recognize your shortcomings!?!? Whoa!

Let me just be clear, we should embrace our flaws & be proud of them but these are not the flaws I’m referring to. I’m talking about negative character flaws. The kind that would hurt someone’s feelings. The kind that would cause you to be so full of yourself that you’re unable to recognize your wrongdoings.

The majority of the time, there are people who are too prideful to admit their shortcomings especially those who are always negative. No matter how old they get, they remain the same – negative and toxic! They always have something to complain about. They gossip. They talk behind people’s back meanwhile they are the total opposite when in front of them. In their eyes, they’re always right & everyone else is wrong. God forbid you let them know about themselves, expect a war or the silent treatment!

However, we are responsible for our own actions & reactions. No matter how much you want to help a negative person see things from a different perspective, they will have to acknowledge it for themselves. You cannot help them see things if they refuse to humble themselves.

Whenever you’re around a negative person, you cannot take what they do or what they say personal. Sometimes they’ll go the extra mile to piss you off and test your character. But you are so much better than that.

Someone who is confident and happy with life & themselves, will have no need to be bitter, angry, resentful, unforgiving, immature, and the list goes on & on. There just wouldn’t be any room for it. Don’t get me wrong, none of us are perfect. We will have some good days & not so good days, but you have the power to choose on how you decide to go about your day let alone your life.

I’ve learned to allow myself to feel what needs to be felt when needed & decide in that moment how I’m going to allow what I’m feeling to affect my behavior & my mindset. For instance, when you’re around someone who is negative & they begin to treat you unfairly, the way you choose to react to them is completely up to you.

What you say about others and how you treat people, is a reflection of your heart. When you are sincere, loving, happy, empathetic, understanding, & confident – you will treat others with sincerity, love, empathy, & compassion. But when you’re insecure & you’re filled with animosity, anger, resentment & bitterness – you will treat others unfairly.

When you have a legitimate reason for being upset at someone, I don’t expect you to act as though everything is peaches & cream. If you can talk about it, talk about it. Maybe it can be resolved. Maybe not. But you still have the power to choose on how you will allow them to affect your mindset & your behavior. Remember, the only one responsible for how you choose to act & react, is YOU!

As much as you may want to avoid negative people, it might not be that simple for everyone. This negative person might be a family member, spouse, friend, roommate, or colleague. You can try to avoid them for a moment but you may have to learn to coexist.

Paying evil with evil doesn’t make the situation better. As much as you may want to react & deal with the consequences later, I’m here to remind you it’s not worth it. They will continue being who they are & there’s not much you can do about it other than keeping your distance & mentally preparing yourself that they are not worth getting out of character for.

Until next time, many blessings & much love! – 💕🌻

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