Heart to Heart – Monique

“She focused on God. He did the same. God gave them each other.” βœοΈπŸ’•

1-27-16 After waiting a year and six months… OUR FIRST KISS πŸ’•

Don’t be fooled when I met this man I was a broken, beat down, lost soul…I had given my heart to yet another “boy” (age does not make you a man) who did not value me… Once he had me where he wanted me, I was manipulated, used, and abused…Time after time I would “walk away” from this relationship just to run right back… I knew deep inside that I needed to close the door on this toxic relationship, but deception (the enemies tool) would distort my vision, and I continued to believe “things would change”…Things def did not change.. However what did change was my decision to finally cry out to God for his help ( sad that I placed him last) I clearly remember kneeling in my bathroom hysterical crying/yelling telling God he can finally have his way in my life…I no longer wanted to go through life without his hand… Once I gave God control he was able to begin his work in my heart and mind (God is a gentleman he will not force himself on anyone. He allows the choice to be ours)

Slowly but surely I began to see Gods hand at work in my life…It was a daily struggle to choose God and not the deception of the enemy ( That “boy” just would not go away.. No matter how many texts, calls, visits I ignored) BUT GOD…always provided a way of escape… I continuously chose God’s escape route (only by his strength) and eventually that “boy” stopped coming for me (Resist the devil and he shall flee)… Continuously choosing God allowed for him to strip me of years worth of false labels and negative feelings towards myself and others ( Your not good enough for that, this is what your worth, your body needs to look like that, settle for a piece of him its better than nothing, I hate him but I love him,etc) Once God was able to remove the blinders from my eyes I was clearly able to see how much he loved, honored, and cherished me( So much so he allowed his son to suffer, be shamed, and die for me and my poor choices…Thank you Jesus!) It was then that I understood I was worthy of real love, honor, and sacrifice…It was then that I realized that the man for me would know God and know what I was worth…So I focused intently on God growing with him day by day (Praying/communicating with him, reading scripture, worshipping him in song and praise, attending service and fellowshipping with other believers, giving and serving all) As I focused on God and growing with him, God was at work in the life of my husband (then co-worker) without me knowing… My husband (Adrian) was walking with God…he had been faithfully for 6 years before our paths crossed at our place of employment… Adrian was a true man of God… Humble, faithful, selfless, gracious, loving, and pure (yes he was obedient to God and waiting for marriage) When we met at work as I stated earlier, I was a lost broken soul… Adrian would be led by God to pray for me (with and without me) During this time little did either of us know this was the beginning of what would be our love story…After some time God would eventually open Adrian’s eyes and he would clearly see the transformation God was working on in my heart and mind… THIS is what attracted my husband to me.. He was turned on by my heart that was after God( sure my physical beauty eventually came into play πŸ˜‚) The rest is history from there… We courted for a year and a half before becoming engaged and married two months later..Refraining from kissing and any other form of physical intimacy… Adrian wanted to prove to me that I was worth the wait, honor, and sacrifice…πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

I have lived in this world without being obedient to God, and I now live in this world obediently following and living for God… Let me tell you all NEVER will I go back to living in this world and believing the lies of its ruler THE ENEMY!! The BEST decision I ever made was to follow Jesus and COMPLETELY surrender all of me ( not just the pieces of what I was willing to give him)…I can honestly tell you letting go as painful as it may seem at the time will be the BEST choice you will ever make… LET GO OF THE PEOPLE AND THINGS THAT ARE KEEPING YOU TRAPPED IN THE SIN THAT IS SLOWLY KILLING YOUR MIND, BODY, HEART, AND SOUL…LET GOD HAVE HIS WAY IN YOUR LIFE AND WATCH A LOVE STORY THAT GLORIFIES HIM UNFOLD.. YOU ARE WORTH THE WAIT AND SACRIFICE πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™πŸ½βœοΈπŸ’•

– Written by Monique Mendez

She is someone I love, admire, respect & cherish very much. I am blessed to have her to walk alongside with throughout the many different seasons in our walk with the Lord!

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