Memories for a Lifetime

It is funny how we remember a lot of details from our childhood while we forget plenty of things that happened much more recently. One reason for why this happens is that pleasant memories tend to endure longer and it’s fortunate to be this way because these are the ones that we cherish for a lifetime. Summer camps are some of the most special events for children, and projects such as Camp Chateaugay are a fine example of how dedicated people make sure that the kids always leave with pleasant memories.

One thing that makes this camp special is that you can’t possibly get bored, no matter how much time you spend here. The reason is that the ones in charge make sure that the little ones have unrestricted access to great equipment, highly trained personnel and outdoors activities that will keep them entertained for weeks. It comes as no surprise that when the summer camp comes to an end, many of them are already melancholic and are already thinking about the next year.

Sport events keep their competitive spirit alive and the fact that the kids are engaged in diverse activities that involve children from different camps helps a lot. Water sports are always among the favorites for children of all ages, and it’s refreshing to know that this camp is offering the very best water related activities. It would be quite a shame for the kids to miss out on the extraordinary opportunity of exploring the surroundings, especially with the Adirondack Mountains in the close vicinity of the camp.

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